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Day Camp Supervisor

Position Summary
To provide leadership for the Day Camp programs at Bay Court Park and Clintonwood Park. The individual in this capacity has specific duties relative to their job, in addition to, the general rules, policies, procedures, and expectations of the Department.
Position Description
Although every detail of the day-to-day job may not be included in this job description, the Day Camp Supervisor will be expected to perform the duties required to administer a successful summer that provides a positive experience for all participants. Keep in mind; enthusiasm and communication is key!

Reports to: Day Camp Director
Positions Reporting to this Position: Assistant Supervisors and Counselors

Must be at least 18 years of age, have a great understanding of the goals and objectives of Day Camp, ability to work with children to grow in character, experiences & insights, and have extensive knowledge of day camp programs and planning.

• Administrative duties of respective camp.
• Creating newsletters and calendars, as well as detailed agendas for Counselors, and submitting them to the Day Camp Director by stated deadlines.
• Making sure activities on the daily calendars are carried out as planned. Preparing materials and supplies.
• Assist with Day Camp registration. Monitor registration counts throughout the summer, special event days, speaker, etc.
• Review respective budget with Day Camp Director and Recreation Programmer.
• Properly ordering supplies and submitting Purchase Order requests.
• Provide the administrative office copies of all correspondence, flyers, materials distributed.
• Maintain program records (i.e. staff hours, camp rosters, medical forms, etc.)/submitting incident reports in a timely fashion.
• Weekly staff meetings and preparing an agenda for each meeting/submitting agenda to Day Camp Director.
• Attend Supervisor meetings, staff trainings, Supervisor training, Asst. Supervisor training, L.I.T. Orientation and Camp Staff Orientation.
• Follow and enforce Before/After Care general procedures, as well as daily deposits.
• Evaluating staff throughout the program and for collecting mid-summer and final evaluations/Submitting a detailed mid-summer and final program/staff evaluations.
• Required to notify immediate supervisors of any possible negligence or abuse of children.
• Required to be aware of proper emergency procedures and severe weather protocol, please refer to the employee handbook for detailed procedures.
• Responsible for proper cash handling and balancing a cash box.
• Required to attend and assist in the planning of camp staff orientation.
•Required to follow and enforce all health & safety protocols and procedures.

• Work with Recreation Programmer on proper office procedures and policies.
• CPR and First Aid certification (provided by the Township).

• Be in communication with the Day Camp Director or Recreation Programmer with any camp issues.
• Be sure to provide your counselors with constructive feedback throughout the summer.
• Be in constant communication with your assistant supervisor about the daily activities to your respective camp.
• Provide a written evaluation at the conclusion of the season.

Independence Fest
Independence Fest - June 29, 2024
It is mandatory that all day camp staff works at least an 8-hour shift for Independence Fest. The job duty on this day will not reflect the duties of the above position.