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A Guide To Starting a Local Business in Clarkston

According to a recent report, small businesses are responsible for 44% of economic activity in the United States. Communities depend on thriving local businesses to provide jobs and services that attract and retain residents. Starting a business here in Clarkston is a great way to help our community grow.

Expand Your Knowledge Base

Starting a business can be an intimidating project. If you aren't sure you have the business skills and knowledge you need to be successful, consider enrolling in an MBA program. You will expand your knowledge of business, management and strategy, and learn important skills, such as leadership, self-assessment and self-awareness.

Online programs make it possible to complete your education on your schedule so that you can continue to work and take care of your family while you learn. Choose an accredited program that offers competitive tuition rates. It’s helpful to reference a list of the best online MBA programs so you can compare prices, entry requirements and acceptance rates.

Research the Local Market

All businesses need to find a market niche to succeed, but finding the right niche is particularly important for a local business. Do your research to determine what needs aren’t being met in the community and which of those needs your business could fill.

Choose a Business Structure

One of the first tasks you need to handle when starting a new business is to choose your business structure. You have several options, and many new entrepreneurs opt for an LLC. LLCs keep your business dealings separate from your personal finances and provide you with liability protection for your personal assets. Additionally, they require less paperwork than forming a corporation and have several tax advantages. You can save money on filing an LLC in Michigan (or any other entity you choose) when you use a formation service. Of course, not all services are created equally. Take a look at LLC reviews to find a company with a high TrustPilot rating, affordable price point and great customer reviews so you can feel confident you’ve chosen a service that will file your LLC without issue.

Give Back to Your Community

Local businesses benefit their communities in a variety of ways. Small businesses provide tens of millions of jobs in the United States, and hiring local employees helps families pay their bills and provides income that can be spent at other community businesses. If you’re looking for local talent, there are dozens of job boards you can use to help you find the best candidates. High-rated, well-known boards like ZipRecruiter and Monster are great for employers, but you can also check out lesser-known resources like Juju and SnagAJob, which have high user reviews.

In addition, local businesses also contribute through the tax dollars they pay. This money helps fund local schools, parks, public transit and healthcare. Local businesses can also help a community build a sense of identity. The collection of local businesses in a community can attract tourists, create a sense of local pride and enhance the unique personality of a community.

Engage With Your Community

Interacting with the people in your community helps your business by building brand loyalty, and it helps the community by facilitating community interaction. One great way to engage the community is to provide an outlet for community members to share their stories, talents and interests. This is great if you own a retail space, restaurant, coffee shop or brew pub. 

You could provide a wall in your business or a page on your website to post community stories and photos. You can host events, such as open mic nights, local art shows, book clubs or jam sessions to provide an opportunity for locals to show off their talents. You can even encourage community members to nominate others in the community to receive recognition in the form of a free product or service. 

Small businesses and their communities have a symbiotic relationship, and both have plenty to gain from one another. Starting a local business right here in Clarkston is an ideal way to achieve your entrepreneurial goals while also helping your local community flourish. For more help getting your local business off the ground, join the Clarkston Area Chamber of Commerce.

Photo by Unsplash