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WizTech Computer Soltutions

WizTech Computer Soltutions

Computers and TelecommunicationsContractors

About Us

With over 30yrs experience in computer technology and based in downtown Clarkston, WizTech Computer Solutions delivers a wide range of professional technology services for home and office in Clarkston and surrounding areas.

Our Services Include:

-Personal Cybersecurity: We deliver enterprise-class cybersecurity solutions for home users to help you stay protected against the ever-growing threat of cybercrime.

-Computer Coaching: Tech coaching services on all aspects of computers, smartphones, electronics and more to help you become a more competent, confident computer user.

-Technology Consulting: We advise & consult home users and small business alike on all your technology upgrades, replacements & more to help you save money and make the best decisions for your I.T. needs.

-Computer Repair: Servicing all Windows and Mac device, with repairs such as Laptop screen replacements, Laptop hinge repair, Blue screens of death, and more, WizTech does it all.

-Hardware Repair/Replacement/Upgrade: We services all Mac & Windows desktops and laptops for any major hardware repair or upgrades like RAM, hard disks, and more.

-Gaming Machine Services: We build, repair and upgrade all gaming machines to help you get the most out of your investment.

-Software Repair: We help resolve software problems for Windows & Mac, Smartphone & Tablet.

-Data Recovery & Backup Solutions: We help you backup & recover your to help give you peace of mind.

Call us today to learn more about how we can help you with your technology needs: (248) 403-8665

"WizTech: We take the SH out of I.T."® ™


Professional Computer Repair Services For Home & Office
Personal Cybersecurity Services For Home Users