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Clarkston Chamber Clarkston Volunteer Clearing House


Posting Ends:Continuous
Hourly Pay:$11.00
Hours:Seasonal Employee
Location:Clarkston, MI
Category:Parks and Recreation
Position Summary
To provide support for the operations of the youth baseball and softball program. The individual in this capacity has specific duties relative to their job, in addition to, the general rules, policies, procedures, and expectations of the Department.
Position Description
Although every detail of the day-to-day job may not be included in this job description, a Youth Baseball Supervisor will be expected to perform the duties required to help administer a successful program that provides a positive experience for the participants. Keep in mind; enthusiasm and communication are key!

Reports to: Recreation Specialist
Age Requirement: Minimum 18 years old
• Have superb knowledge and understanding of all National Federation, Amateur Softball Association (ASA) and Independence Township Parks and Recreation rules.
• Be respectful to the sport and its participants. Treat everyone equally.
• Check mailbox daily for umpire schedules, memos, etc.
• Check fields for glass, rocks or any other dangerous items and complete facility inspection form for each field.
• Fill out daily site supervisors report.
• Distribute any updates, information to coaches, when necessary.
• Fill out proper paperwork including: forfeits, protests, injuries, etc.
• Take umpire equipment, game balls and cards to site each night.
• Collect game cards and umpire equipment from your site and return items to the pole barn. (Last site supervisor will take all game cards to the Township Hall drop box).
• Keep inventory of first aid supplies and baseball equipment. Report any supply shortages to the Recreation Specialist.
• All supervisors will be responsible for keeping the pole barn organized and clean.
• Assist with uniform distribution, equipment/uniform exchange, equipment returns at the end of season equipment inventory.
• Arrive at Pole Barn 1 hour before game time and arrive at site ½ hour before game.
• Complete umpire evaluations.
• Responsible for enforcing all COVID-19 safety protocols and procedures.
• Conduct evaluations of umpire staff throughout the season and at end of season.
• Make sure all umpires are wearing proper uniform and equipment and have adequate equipment to work with.
• Assist umpires on the filed as necessary.
• Attend weekly supervisors’ meetings.
• Be familiar with emergency response and severe weather procedures.
• All supervisors will be required to attend umpire trainings.
• Be visible and “active” on site. Develop working relationship with coaches and managers. Be approachable.
• Answer any questions coaches, umpires, players, and fans might have. Communicate information to Umpire-in-Chief or Recreation Specialist.
• In the event a game becomes hostile, the site supervisor must act to control the situation (i.e. escorting players or coaches off the field that have been ejected; asking fans to leave that verbally abuse players or umpires).
• Report all injuries, problems and any concerning information to the Recreation Specialist, including any unusual circumstances that take place at the playing fields.
• When using radios, keep conversations brief, professional, and to the point.
• Be able to problem solve and communicate with parents regarding on site issues.
• Must be available to work Monday 2:30-9pm, Tuesday – Thursday from 4-9pm, Saturday 8-1pm
and Friday 4-9pm for make ups when necessary.
Independence Fest
It is mandatory that the Adult Youth Baseball Site Supervisor works at least an 8 hour shift on the 4th of July for Independence Fest. The job duty on this day will not reflect the duties of the above supervisor position.