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Facilities & Operations Manager

Oakland HOPE Facilities & Operations Manager – August 2021

The Facilities & Operations Manager position at Oakland HOPE is designed to offer a hands-on experience of the day-to-day operations, management, outreach, and progress of a fast-passed, volunteer-driven, growing non-profit Client Choice Food Pantry. Candidates should possess strong and approachable human service abilities, attention to detail, aptitude for multi-tasking, ability to delegate and communicate expectations to volunteers as well as the capability of working effectively and independently. Ability to perform building maintenance and repairs, drive a hi-low and box truck.

We are looking for immediate hire. This position could be filled by 2 part-time employees or 1 Full-time.

Position Description

• Planning and executing daily operations of Thrift Store/Back Room
• In Thrift Store/Back Room responsible for maintaining an atmosphere of TEAM-work and camaraderie • Supervising groups of 1-40 volunteers at one time, keeping volunteers on task and communicate effectively expectations through completion of project
• Organization of donations in Thrift Store/back of house
• Oversight of donations and backroom volunteers and staff
• Drive a Hi-lo and Box Truck to pick up Food and Donations and oversee other volunteers
• Schedule and oversee maintenance of vehicles and all warehouse equipment
• Building/Facilities maintenance and improvements
• Shipping and receiving of all materials
• Responsible for employee/volunteer weekly schedule/vacations

You will work under the direct supervision of the Executive Director and Pastor Jim

About Oakland HOPE

Oakland HOPE is a busy non-profit, volunteer-driven, human service organization. Our Client Choice Food pantry is funded through the sales of our thrift store.

Currently Oakland HOPE provides FREE groceries for thousands of hungry Oakland County families, seniors, and veterans through our client-choice food pantry. Both Counseling and Group Counseling is offered on-site. Our Benefits Coordinator helps families navigate access to human services. Oakland HOPE offers job training, workforce development and a wide range of services and resources for the under-employed and working poor, all from a single location at 20 E. Walton Blvd at the corner of Baldwin.