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Thrift Store

We exceed CDC COVID protocols.  EVERYONE who enters the Thrift Store or Food Pantry is required to wear GLOVES and a MASK and we closed our restrooms to the public.
As with all businesses who are under resourced and underfunded CROSS – Training is necessary to maintain a level of service.   Cross training looks something like the below

Thrift Store (little or no contact with the Public)

  • Sorting, Hanging and Pricing clothing and other housewares/Christmas items
  • Merchandizing and organizing Thrift Store
  • Unloading donations
  • CASHIER (does have contact with Public)
Part-time (20 Hour per week position)  55+ older and their income under 15k a year. 
Full time – 11 month position -  (Feb 1st)  Minimum Wage at completion of 11 months $7800 stipend towards school. 
GREAT for a HS recent graduate/GAP Year Student or College Student who goes to school at night