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Clarkston Chamber Clarkston Volunteer Clearing House


As a host, your primary function is to generate sales. The accomplishment of your 3 primary responsibilities will generate sales:

  • Maximized Seating and Minimized Wait Times
  • Assurance of No-Lag Service Principal
  • Return Patronage promotion through value of hospitality / service extended



An overview of your position is:

  • To professionally represent the restaurant, it’s ownership, management, and fellow employees through exemplary appearance, attitude, service, and performance.
  • To observe and uphold company sanitation standards.
  • To communicate with management and fellow employees in a professional and friendly manner.
  • To observe the company rules and regulations as outlined in the “Employee Handbook”.
  • To review floor plans and waitperson arrival times.
  • To plan reservations and table assignments.
  • Review of bus staff arrival times.
  • To assure menus, specials, kiddie menus, and other tools used to sell our products to guests are clean, neat and without stains, spills, etc..
  • Maintain primary position of host stand coverage
  • Greet guests promptly upon arrival
  • Quote waiting times and direct guest to waiting areas or bar when applicable
  • Answer telephone within three rings.
  • To take reservations to company standard.
  • Direct bus staff for priority table set ups
  • Notify / page guests when their table is ready.
  • Communication to guests if table will not be available as quoted
  • Seating, transportation of beverages, transfer of bar bill if needed, pulling out chairs, handing of coats, delivery of menus and introduction of wait staff.
  • Informing waitperson and / or dining room manager of table seating to assure immediate guest recognition
  • To assist with bread delivery to assure No Lag Service as needed
  • To assist other service personnel in the performance of their duties when your free time permits (bussing, beverage service, food service, table setting, carry out orders).
  • To communicate with our guests in a personal yet professional and friendly manner as guests in your own home.
  • To perform in-shift and closing sanitation and maintenance responsibilities in a thorough manner as described by your supervisor.
  • To strictly observe house rules and regulations, No-Lag Service, Sanitation, Maintenance, and Good Neighbor Policy.
  • To answer the telephone per established company procedure and provide guests with information requested.
  • To promptly refer problem guests to management for handling.
  • To seek supervisor written time card approval prior to departure.
  • To leave building immediately upon supervisor sign out.



Your Job Function is in essence the checklist to your training. By the conclusion of your training, you should fully comprehend and be able to flawlessly execute the above responsibilities and duties. If you cannot, it is your responsibility to seek the assistance from your supervisors.


Brand: Kruse's Deer Lake Inn
Address: 7504 Dixie Highway Clarkston, MI - 48346
Property Description: Kruses Deer Lake Inn
Property Number: 6