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Office Manager

Office Manager / Job Description

  • Assist Agents – Assist agents when needed with tasks including training in computers, websites, programs, typing and questions.
  • I.T. – Provide solutions or service for phones, computers, internet, scanner, copier and all office equipment.
  • Process New/Pending/Sales Listings- Enter in to Realcomp if applicable and all logs
  • Pre-Title & Final Title – Order appropriate title work for each listing when acquired or sold. Send purchase documents for title work, watch for revised commitment packages. Review title work make notes, put in agents box.
  • Closing Papers – Print all closing packages and deliver (along with the legal file) to Emily for her review
  • Signs – Order signs up/down. Monitor & maintain sign order log.
  • Maintain Office Logs – Log all new listings, Sales & Closed files in logs. Keep electronic logs for New Listings, Title Tracker Log, Quarter Logs, lead logs, Projected Closing’s, Inventory Log, etc. Also maintain Listing, Pending & Closing Logs on the board in the Kitchen. 
  • Office Email Account – Read & distribute all office email throughout the day.
  • Maintain Confidential Passwords- Kept in OneNote
  • Office Supplies - Keep all office supplies stocked (Xerox paper, letterhead, envelopes, etc). Ordering supplies begin to run low. Special orders are printed through The Print Shop.
  • Birthdays – Keeping track of the birthdays in the office, buying a card (Kristine completed card buying)  and cake to celebrate, on the closest office meeting day.
  • Open/Closing Office- Unlock doors, turn on lights, remove night ring, check VM, Fill Dog bowls, check condition of front and back office (slideshow, blow, shovel etc..) Make coffee.
  • Prioritize-Daily tasks well as new tasks that come in.
  • Receptionist Duties- General duties include answering phones, sorting mail & greeting customers, checking projected closing log.
  • Photographs- Download & file all photos and update photos on all websites and slideshows.
  • Mail – Review and distribute mail. Review all MMF bills to be sure it’s accurate and submit to Marc via the inter-office mail folder.
  • Facebook & Link In – Maintaining the office’s Facebook account. Posting 5-8 times a week. Reach out to agents on Thursday to see if any open houses are planned for the weekend. Create ads, post to Facebook & LinkIn and boost post to reach a larger audience.
  • Escrow Log – Retain EMD log as well as confirming that it balances with Marc @ Deer Lake monthly.
  • Production – Retain production for all agents. Quarterly- Print each agent’s production and fold for them to find in their mailbox so they can have it for their taxes.
  • Bank Deposit – all incoming checks to be deposited and sent onto Marc.
  • Front Desk/Weekend Help – Oversee and delegate responsibility provide training and assistance. Review the weekend checklist each Monday, making sure everything is complete.
  • Elevate – CRM, check the connection to social media
  • Flyers/mailer – design flyer for new listing & open house flyer, post to social media, and MLS.  Mailer – design mailer with agent direction and
  • Property Files- Maintain legal files –make sure all paperwork is in order. Notify agents of missing paperwork.
  • Client List- Create and keep current client list for Pam along with a copy of all ALTA statements.
  • Office Maintenance – Make sure the general appearance of the office (both inside and outside) is acceptable. Front slide show is operating, and gas lanterns are on. This includes cleaning, organizing, shoveling, blowing, watering plants…etc.
  • Meeting Content – Find worthy content to have at our meeting
  • Social Media – Send Jason Watson content to post. I share those posts on LinkedIn, when possible. 
  • Monday – Send Team Email with current info RE: Happenings for that week, floor time, and any important news and or updates. 
  • Monday’s Meeting week –  Send Team Email to add anything to the agenda ( new listing, coming soon, closing updates, and any talking points.) AGENDA – approval from Emily & Pam. Agenda to be emailed to Emily and printed /emailed to Pam, by Monday end of day or Tuesday morning.
  • Thursday – Send Team Email asking Agents if they need weekend help.
  • Agenda – Prepare weekly agenda and slideshows for office meetings
  • Payroll – Submit payroll to Marc
  • Floor Schedule – Set up the Floor Schedule – in order of production.
  • Community Events- Add to calendar, notify agents, FB, and LinkIn.
  • Marketing – put out ideas, opportunity and direction
  • Monthly & Quarterly- Update production logs
  • Credit Card statement – review and itemize charges
  • ATA Marketing- send over
  • NAID Application – Expires in May, renewal needed. Allows us to sell HUD, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac homes.
  • Keeping Online Accounts – Maintaining all online accounts. Renewing if expiring.
  • Con Ed- Keep track of agents Hours and Dates.
  • Close out - all 2023 files in computer. Start new files / logs 2024
When Necessary
  • Update – When forms change on Realcomp. Update the forms in our own Transaction Desk when our MMF forms are out of date.
  • Training - Provide all training necessary for all new hires
  • Setting Up New Agents – fill out Emergency Info. Sheet, I-9, W-9, Realcomp transfer, State of Michigan license transfer, set up email, business card, phone extension, add to website, email, social media accounts, Zillow,, etc.
  • Business Cards – Assist with setting up template and proofing
  • Keeping the Florida Calendar – Scheduling the availability of the Florida Condo.
  • Bio’s – Update Bio’s, web and print
  • Streamline Branding – Social media posts & print
  • Use & Occupancy Escrow Log- Pull and copy  Escrow paperwork after closing, Keep Use &  Occupancy paperwork in lower drawer of credenza.
  • Elevate- Website, CRM, Training
  • Policy Manual- Update w/ new laws and regulations. Agents sign off
  • Agents – help with organizing, marketing strategies, and ideas
Other Tasks 
Manage LinkedIn (daily)
  • Accept requests
  • Watch for important messages
Manage website (weekly)
  • Check to ensure IDK feed is running smoothly
Manage lower level leases
  • Keep log of monthly payments to ensure MMF is paid on time
  • Follow up with tenants if payment is not received
CMA Inserts
  • Update inserts with updated & current info
  • Keep a stock of materials needed
    • Prepare listing documents (when requested)
    • Prepare purchase documents (when requested)
  • Draft purchase agreements, addendum, and all supporting docs
    • Send documents via DocuSign to clients (when requested)
  • Send drafted purchase documents for signatures
  • Send listing documents for signatures
  • Send mutual releases for signatures
- New listing
- Open house
- set up campaigns
Order master deed/bylaws
  • Order master deed/bylaw/building use restrictions
Marketing / brochure
  • Design layout, production, proofing, printing
Organize special events/party planning
  • Create an outline of necessary vendors, décor needed, est. guest attendance
  • Create invitation/save the date
    • Send for printing
    • Address envelopes
  • Create guest list
    • Request/follow up with agents on who they will be inviting
    • Send invitations
    • Monitor email/mail for RSVP’s
    • Keep track of RSVP’s for attendance projection
    • Create secondary “check in” list for day of the event to ensure all guests are checked in correctly, keeping track of how many guests are in attendance
  • Create detailed seats chart assigning each guest a table
  • Book vendors (varies based on event)
    • Choir/live music
    • Live action figures
    • Santa Claus
    • Helicopter
    • Face painter
  • Create décor
    • Coloring pages
    • Banners
    • Signs
    • Placemats
    • “Wish lists”
    • Nametags
    • Maps
  • Order outfits and special attire for those who will be working the event
  • Create list of necessary jobs for day of the event
    • Line up workers, collecting contact into and follow up one week prior and the day before to ensure attendance the day of the event.
    • Assign jobs to each worker ensure all understand their duties for the day
Office notary
  • Make house calls when requested
Organize company events
  • Yearend company awards banquet
    • Create slides shows of houses sold throughout year, agents’ production, and awards
    • Create awards for agents
    • Create certificate
    • Purchase gifts
    • Dinner menu
Order contacts – Walgreens
Order photos – Walgreens, Canvas, etc.
Overview of benefits:
  • Salary up to $60,000 (depending on qualifications) 
  • 2 weeks paid vacation 
  • One week paid sick leave
  • Full family membership to DLAC